SoNE HEALTH pulls together all stakeholders to build an improved and sustainable healthcare model to benefit us all.

“As a new medical practice start up, SoNE HEALTH membership has been of great value by performing a number of backend functions that will allow me to be successful.  If I had purchased these services separately in the market (e.g. credentialing, contracting, group purchasing) it would have been very expensive for me. “ 

Sudeep Bansal, MD
Avanta Clinic, LLC

SoNE HEALTH Business Solutions Programs offer members substantial cost and time savings, leaving you time to focus on what is important, caring for your patients.

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A high value network dedicated to partnering with you to create lasting change.


Delivering value, superior quality care, focused on improving your health outcomes.


Innovative solutions to help manage your employee’s healthcare.


Advocating for and connecting our patients to health system and community resources.